Powerful Marketing OKRs to boost your business

From driving sales to building your brand – these powerful marketing OKRs are all you need to make your marketing strategy exceptional.

Need for OKRs in marketing

No business can sustain itself without marketing. And no marketing team can be successful without defining for themselves a clear set of goals and the means to achieve them. Moreover, marketing is a dynamic field that requires an equally dynamic, effective, and versatile goal-setting framework. And this need for effectiveness makes OKR the most suitable goal-setting methodology for marketing teams.

What are OKRs?

OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results. It is a goal-setting framework in which the ‘Objectives’ represent the goals of the campaign/project and the ‘Key results’ are the quantifiable steps that help to meet that objective. A project can and should have multiple objectives and those objectives should be broken down into 2-3 actionable steps (key results) that are easy to assess and track.

Objectives are determined by asking the question – “What tangible goal do we want to achieve?” And its corresponding key results are determined by asking – “What are some of the quantifiable steps that can help us to achieve that goal?” Thus, OKRs help the team to stay focused on their primary goal and, also, to make them work on those key areas that make the biggest difference.

Advantages of OKRs

As compared to the traditional goal-setting frameworks this is a much more practical and efficient framework for marketing. The traditional frameworks are based mostly on KPIs whose main aim is to track employees’ productivity, not the project’s progress. But over the years, companies have realized that meeting these performance-based metrics is not beneficial for the overall progress of the project and that of any organization. Hence, OKRs are now being readily adopted by organizations, big and small.

The 7 most powerful marketing OKRs.

Let’s explore some of the most powerful marketing OKR examples that any marketing team would find useful. These OKRs are defined based on the major activities (or scope of work) of any marketing team. The duration of any OKR could be anything from a quarter to a year. In any cycle, you may want to concentrate only on a few objectives – usually 3 to 4. Objectives represent your highest-priority tasks that calls for your immediate attention. By incorporating too many objectives you are essentially blurring the line between what’s urgent and what’s not. Same goes for key results. They should also number between 2 to 3.

With that said, here is our list of the most powerful marketing OKRs -

Marketing OKR for inbound marketing

Marketing OKR for Search Engine Optimisation

Marketing OKR for outbound marketing

Marketing OKR for lead generation

Marketing OKR for PR or brand marketing

Marketing OKR for content improvement

Marketing OKR for social media marketing

We should accept the fact that each organization is different – based on their sector, expertise, customer-base, etc. And each organization’s marketing approach may also differ based on its vision and mission statements. Hence, to really take full advantage of an OKR framework organizations require a robust and powerful goal-setting tool, built on the OKR methodology.

Witsmate is an OKR tool that incorporates the true essence of an OKR framework. It not only helps the organizations to set and track challenging goals for themselves but also aligns these goals with other teams so that everyone can have visibility on everything. It’s a simplified, yet comprehensive way to capture, follow and track OKRs.

In conclusion, the OKR framework is a potent way for your organisation to set efficient goals that really deliver value. Its effectiveness and suitability for the marketing teams are undisputed. And although marketing teams may differ in the practices they follow, the aforementioned marketing OKRs apply to a majority of the modern marketing teams. For successfully implementing and enforcing OKRs in your organization, you may require a nuanced OKR tool like Witsmate that lets you easily set, track, and achieve your objectives.